And more about me

Just another ordinary person who always go with the flow.

Last update on 7th May 2022.

I am a naive, unabashed, and incurable romantic. So you can imagine why I always give it my all when I feel the passion inside.

Dance is THE language that I use for communicating with both myself and others, because the granularity of my emotions is far beyond my oral communication skills. I see the stage as a safe and fair place to show my playful, sometimes flirty character, which is an inherent part of my personality. The stage has clear boundaries that protect both the dancer and the audience. It creates a space without hierarchy between them: from the very beginning, everyone knows it will just be a performance. Emotions, feelings, illusions, and everything around it, there is nothing personal. At the end of the day, what happened on the stage will be left on the stage.

I am a quite tough/aggressive attacking midfielder, depending on your perspective. Although it feels good to goal, I like the feeling better when I cut a pass from the opposite side, dribble through midfield, then make a killer pass. Every time my feet touch the grass, I literally feel lighter. I don’t know why but I have this belief, from the first time I played soccer in 2010, that this is where I belong. Please don’t ask my opinion on the World Cup, it is too biased: I will always tell you Argentina will win. Please cut me some slack on that, after all, it is my twelve-year-long love affair. Soccer is a ruthless game, which, I think, is the most charming part. I may win, I may lose, drama may happen. I must accept the fear of uncertainty, then still, decide to be all in.

I do security & privacy research not only for making a living. In my personal philosophy, “do no harm” has higher priority over “do something good”. You could picture me as the most annoying colleague in the office who walks around and asks people: “hey, I know we can do that, but should we do that?” I also think all people will be blamed, which is a destiny of human being, for either of the two reasons: it doesn’t do anything; or it does something, but not perfectly. I personally feel more comfortable to take the latter blame. Security and privacy are privileges, I must admit that not everyone needs them all the time. They are usually more important for vulnerable subpopulations. However, we should be aware that, someday, we will be among the vulnerable ones. So please use the privilege and protect others in the way we want to be protected, when we still can.

For people who know me well, writing a blog is so anti-me. Because I am the kind of person who doesn’t really care about the past, just embrace the moment and naively look forward to the future. Any attempt to “log life experience” definitely failed in the end. Therefore, the fate of this blog is somehow pre-defined.

Anyway, let’s see where I can get ;)

"The answer must be in the attempt."